Megan Wilson

'Material Matters at The Lab' by Colin Berry, September 2005

Sunset by Megan Wilson, 2005, part of the exhibition "Material Matters" at The Lab

Excerpted from 'Material Matters at The Lab'

Megan Wilson's Sunset was the show's largest and most complicated. Walls and floor were painted and laid with grids and islands of cut fabric, punctuated (overgrown in places) with thousands of driven nails and twills of paper. This formed a huge abstract landscape, one watched over by a proud (plastic) owl. Simultaneously organic and unnatural, the installation evoked everything from Judy Chicago's interpretations of domestic icons to childhood memories sparked by the recollection of a grandmother's dress or the shape of a gate. Inspired by Charlotte Perkins Gilman's story The Yellow Wallpaper , the piece unfortunately neither fully gelled nor summoned. Was it the meticulousness of its design? Its drab colors? Sunset demonstrated obsession, but delivered only a glimpse of how it served the artist.