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Jezebel (detail)

(1996) 6' high, glass jars stacked and filled with accouterments of the femme, Installation at Meridian Gallery, SF

Swell (1996)

The Diva Series: The Ice Princess, Jezebel, Rapunzel (1996) 6' x 1 1⁄4' x 1 1⁄4' high, stacked glass jars filled with various materials, light, installation at Meridian Gallery, SF

Swell was a humorous and glamorously serious take on femininity, its illusion and its power in the 90's. The Diva Series included three six-foot towers built out of hundreds of glass jars filled with accoutrements of the femme. At first glance, they appeared as glowing pillars of sensuality and allure, but viewed closer the jars confessed the fragility and the imperfection that exists within this "perfect" world. Here lies the dichotomy of the "glamour girl" - self assured and infallible from far away, yet vulnerable and scar(r)ed upon closer inspection.

Other Projects I have done that relate to this work include:
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Softwear Series

Miss Amy, Miss Megan, Miss Carolyn
(1996) jars, hair, oil, moleskin, thread