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Face-off (detail) The different degrees of coloration were due to the amount of makeup I was wearing that day

Face-off (detail)

Face-off (1997) 85" x 85", 225 Peel-off cosmetic face masks, day-of-the-week stickers, nails. Installation at Refusalon Gallery, San Francisco, CA

Every day for 225 days I religiously applied a cosmetic face mask. I would stand in front of the bathroom mirror at night and evenly coat my face with the sticky goo. "Skin is smoother with imperfections and fine lines less apparent," read the text on the tube. For the next 30 minutes I waited, feeling like a shrink-wrapped product while the mask dried. As I peeled it off to reveal the raw, red surface underneath, I self-consciously thought about the futility of this ritual and the inevitable process of aging. The next night I would repeat the procedure.

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