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Better Homes and Gardens
(2000) Public Project, San Francisco, CA

Better Homes and Gardens (2000) Creativity Explored window

Better Homes and Gardens (2000) La Casa Del Libro window

Better Homes and Gardens was made possible in part through a generous grant from the Gunk Foundation. Thank you!

Better Homes and Gardens (2000) Public Project, San Francisco, CA

In the Spring and Summer of 2000. I created 250 signs, all with the single word Home painted in black against a color background. Within the "H" of each sign a flower was painted. The signs were painted on 1⁄4" plywood and ranged in size from 12"x18" to 16"x30". The signs were distributed in San Francisco to those living on the streets, businesses, and residents. Better Homes and Gardens attempted to use the same multiple-site tactic that advertisers use - placing the single-word message throughout neighborhoods in San Francisco in an effort to raise the consciousnesses of San Franciscans around the timely and critical issue of displacement. The project's goal was twofold: (1) to heighten awareness around the issues of "home" and (2) to cultivate a dialog within communities and amongst disparate groups.

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Better Homes and Gardens (2000) acrylic on wood