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Hallway photo Lissa Ivy Tiegel

Living Room photo Lissa Ivy Tiegel

Kitchen photo Liz Hafalia

Mike Arcega, Megan Wilson, Amy Berk at Dinner Salon The Influence of Craft, photo Paz De La Calzada


Maw Shein Win reading at event synecdoche at home! photo Lissa Ivy Tiegel

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Home 1996 – 2008 was a site-specific installation/environ-ment that utilized the interior space of my home to explore and challenge notions of comfort and protection, private and public, and the boundaries between art/life/architecture/ design. The title is a bit of misnomer because I actually started working on the project in 2004 (the dates reflect the years that I lived at the residence).

Bedroom - Lisa Swenson and Patricia K Kelly, photo Lissa Ivy Tiegel

In November 2008, I officially opened Home to the public for 4 weeks. The installation was open 1:00-5:00pm Wed-Fri each week. The month also included a series of events and digital projections: 1) Eliza Barrios curated a series of video works that were projected nightly onto a window scrim that was best viewed from across the street; 2) I hosted 2 dinner salons that engaged participants in discussions of home, environment, global forces that have reshaped how interior space is viewed, and contemporary trends in exhibiting and experiencing art; and 3) I invited 3 artists - Gordon Winiemko, Lise Swenson, and Maw Shein Win - to each host an evening of work related to the context of the project.

Living Room ceiling
photo Lissa Ivy Tiegel

Home 1996 – 2008 referenced and borrowed ideas from artists such as Dadaist Kurt Schwitters, who erected the Merzbau, a real-life expressionistic interior, in his studio in Hanover, Germany; feminists Judy Chicago and Miriam Schapiro, who spearheaded Womanhouse - a series of fantasy environments exploring the various personal meanings and gender construction of domestic space; and conceptualist David Ireland, whose work “has a visual presence that makes it seem like part of a usual, everyday situation;” architects and designers such as Verner Panton, who created floor-to-ceiling and back-down-the-walls-to-the-floor, psychedelic interiors in the sixties and seventies, César Manrique, who designed Star Trek-like party spaces; and communities of West Africa, where each year after harvest, women gather to restore and paint their mud dwellings which are washed away by rain every year.

Projection Mr. Gary On The Feedback Show by Lise Swenson, photo Eliza Barrios

projections curated by Eliza Barrios
curated events
dinner salons

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Home 1996 - 2008 was made possible in part through a generous grant from the San Francisco Art Commission. Thank You!