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Yoko Ono and John Lennon, 1971

Patricia K. Kelly, Bankers Heart

Steven Wolf, No We Can't


Dan & Cheryl, Market Fatigue

TWCDC, Das Vegetal

Projections at Luggage Store Gallery



At Annual Chevron shareholders' meeting, May 25, 2011

Megan Wilson, Clarion Alley, San Francisco, CA, 2011

OCCUPY San Francisco!, October 2011

CAPITALISM IS OVER! If You Want It is an ongoing movement of interruptions/actions by artists from around the world in response to the need for a fundamental shift in our approach to Capitalism and the negative impact it has on the environment, health, and wellbeing of all. The status quo is not sustainable. The title of the project references John and Yoko’s “War is Over if You Want It” campaign of the late ’60′s – in the spirit that capitalism is our war of today. The title also reflects how these phenomena are based in our minds and rely on our buy-in to function. Capitalism is not a law of nature. Humans created the system, it no longer works for the majority of the world, and it can be replaced.

Waffle Shop, Pittsburgh, PA, June 2011

Through CAPITALISM IS OVER! If You Want It our goal is to support and enact alternatives to Capitalism through creative channels. While making art in response to this runaway greed may seem an act of indulgence in itself, we as cultural workers are part of the community interrogating, creating and representing cultural shifts. At the very least we hope to leverage our creative capital to inspire constructive panalogue, network with others committed to the cause, and perhaps provide some fun and runaway thinking.

We launched the movement on July 18, 2010 and to date over 100 artists have staged actions/performances in support of finding an alternative to the current Capitalist model. It has been inspiring and encouraging to be a part of the global revolution that has developed over the past year through the Arab Spring and Occupy Movements and watch as we are growing and gaining momentum and ultimately will manifest in long-term changes to the current status quo.

OCCUPY San Francisco!, October 2011

Francesca Pastine, New York Times Action

Current and upcoming interruptions/actions include:

WHO: The organizers of CIO! are: Megan Wilson, Eliza Barrios, Cheryl Meeker, Amy Berk, Maw Shein Win, and Andy Cox.

Participants include: Adrianna Varella, Amy Berk, Andy Cox, Anonymous, Anthony Marcellini, ATA, Bryan Hewitt, Cat Ferrez, Cheryl Meeker, Chuck, Inc., Clarion Alley Mural Project, CONCENTRIC FLEXUS, Dan & Cheryl (Dan Spencer & Cheryl Meeker), Eliza Barrios, Francesca Pastine, Free The Weed, Gordon Winiemko, Guy Overfelt, Heartland Productions, Heather Sparks, Hugh Behm-Steinberg, Ilana Crispi, Indymedia, Jenny Bitner, Josh Wilson, Justin Hoover, Kendall Karam, KWIK, Laura Mott, Lowell Darling, Luggage Store Gallery, Marina Perez-Wong, Mary Behm-Steinberg, Mary George, Matthew Rana, Maw Shein Win, Megan Wilson, Meridian Interns Program, Michael Rauner, Michael Zheng, Myron Michael, Patricia K. Kelly, Paz De La Calzada, Rebecca Miller, Rebecca Walker, Rhaberto Baughn, Rhonda Winter, Sean Fletcher & Isabel Reichert, Serena Wellen, Stephanie Ellis, Stephen Parr/Oddball Film + Video, Steven Wolf, TWCDC, UC Berkeley Extension Art & Design Center Gallery, Valerie Soe, Vita Hewitt, the Waffle Shop.

Eliza Barrios and Paz De La Calzada, Daily Slots

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Lowell Darling, World Border Acupuncture Treatment

Lunch-In: Ham Sandwiches For All!

Luggage Store window

Megan Wilson, Clarion Alley, San Francisco, CA, 2011

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A big THANK YOU to the Luggage Store, Meridian Gallery, UC Berkeley Extension Art & Design Center Gallery, the Waffle Shop, Clarion Alley Mural Project, and ATA for their support and participation in the movement!!!