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Robert Gutierrez, Aerial, 2003

Nancy Mizuno Elliott. May I Take Your Order? , 2003

Margaret Crane|Jon Winet, The Street , 2003

Kara Maria, Boom Town , 2003

In 2002 I was selected to design posters for the San Francisco Art Commission's Market Street Art in Transit Project . In addition, I was asked to sit on the 3-person curatorial panel to select the artists for the 2003/04 awards.

Every year four artists are selected to create six designs (four posters each for a total of 24 posters) that are displayed in the triangular kiosks located on Market Street between Embarcadero and Van Ness Avenue. The kiosk poster series provides an opportunity for artists to reach audiences outside of traditional art venues such as galleries and museums.

For 2003/04 we selected:

Robert Gutierrez
Aerial is a interconnected panorama of islands linked to one another with bridges from one poster to the next in a series of six images, creating an above ground view of downtown San Francisco. Each island will support a mixture of architectural, natural and other references to life on Market Street.

Kara Maria
Boom Town is a series of paintings in which areas of bold color and pattern reveal objects reflecting the nature of street life on Market Street. This combination of elements allows for a variety of interpretations relating to the social and cultural issues played out daily in the heart of San Francisco.

Nancy Mizuno Elliott
May I Take Your Order? explores the employee subculture of the fast food industry on Market Street. This series offers a glimpse into the inner lives of these often overlooked workers through portraits and excerpts from interviews with employees about their lives outside of work.

Margaret Crane|Jon Winet
The Street , a series of artworks inspired by film posters and film stills, features staged tableau photographs of individuals taken along Market Street. The posters depict the discrete interactions in the life of the street along with lyrical text and practical information about relevant public agencies.