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is a regularly updated online publication that provides a voice to the visual arts and culture in the Bay Area, while connecting with creative communities internationally.

The idea for Stretcher grew out of a recurrent conversation between Glen Helfand and me. We recognized a lack of Bay Area visual art publications that provided a broader critical discourse on art and its connection to other cultural disciplines (politics, economics, personalities, and socio-cultural phenomena). We decided to create a publication that would address this need. Amy Berk, Andy Cox and David Lawrence were invited on board to help create the initial framework for Stretcher and were later joined by Ella Delaney, Cheryl Meeker, Tonita Abeyta, and Meredith Tromble. The first year of development saw several transitions, including the departure of Cox to pursue personal projects and my 8-month leave to also complete outside projects. was launched on June 5, 2001. I continued to work with Stretcher as an editor and contributing writer through February 2002. Stretcher has continued to thrive and transform under the direction of Amy Berk, Ella DeLaney, David Lawrence, Cheryl Meeker, and Meredith Tromble. The publication is updated regularly with new reviews, essays, artists' projects, and updates from around the world.