Home In Montana

I’ve been spending the holidays with my family at home in Red Lodge, Montana. It’s been a great visit and I really treasure the time here. My brother Brad, his wife Hui, and their 4-year-old son Ethan were also here for several days. Red Lodge is a small ski town and I love the community and pace here. There’s lots of snow and we’ve been taking advantage of it with several trips sledding. My brother and I also did an interview session with my dad. Mark Edwards of Audiobiography has been recording my father’s memoirs and the last session was with me and Brad. We told stories, asked questions of my dad, reflected on our lives together, laughed a lot, and cried a lot.

Breakfast at the Pollard Inn, where Brad and Hui stayed.

Three generations of Wilsons enjoying a good smoke with our gum cigarettes. The Texas sweatshirt … yes, a little baffling, but it was a gift from my dad’s stepson who lives there. Brad is a dead ringer for our late grandfather (my dad’s father) — it’s a little hard to tell with all that hair, but check it out: http://www.meganwilson.com/scrapbook/scrapbook.php?Qwd=./family%20images&Qif=94_Image.jpg&Qiv=thumbs&Qis=M

My dad with Greta, his step granddaughter, and the puppies! There are 9 of them — very cute!

Brad and Ethan sledding — Ethan named himself “little mountain goat,” which was appropriate as he was able to cruise right back up the hill faster than anyone.

Me and Ethan after a record run (was later broken by my dad)

Greta, Dad, Brad

The little mountain goat

Greta and Ethan heading out for a ride on the four wheeler

My room at the Rock Creek Resort. The owl painting was a gift from my brother — it was part of my mom’s collection that he has part of — was a very special gift! The resort has lived up to its name — it has a full sized swimming pool, jacuzzi, and sauna, which I’ve been taking advantage of daily.

Rio, Rigo, and Oscar

What a combination!!! Eliza and I couldn’t believe that we were on our way to the Museu de Arte Contemporanea de Niteroi to see an exhibition by Rigo! The Museum is one of the most amazing spaces I’ve experienced. It was designed by Oscar Niemeyer, who is from Rio and one of the best modern architects of the 20th century. The whole experience was a total treat!

On the way to the Museum we passed this complex also designed by Niemeyer.

HELP!!! The redhead is attacking me …

We got our first glimpse of Rigo’s show outside … I love these vehicles, they remind me of home in Indonesia

On the way up …

Rigo’s show looked AMAZING!!! A great retrospective of his work and in a really spectacular environment.

People were so loving it and kept posing in front of the large mural that he painted onsite.

A kindred spirit …

I had to pose too! especially since I sort of blended in to the work …

hmmm… maybe I like the redhead afterall.

Ciao for now



We arrived! Driving into the city we realized how amazing the grafitti is there! More colorful and detailed than we saw in Sao Paulo.

We stayed in Ipanema at a guesthouse on the beach. Great for people watching!

shot from our window

Our special guests Z and Owlie, courtesy of Theresa

The restraunt of our hotel

Artwork in the hallway of our hotel — totally love this!

Sitting at the restaurant of our hotel watching an amazing performer do acrobatics

Our meal — Eliza’s having the full fish!

On our way to Niterói

On our way to Niterói

On our way to Niterói

More great grafitti

love this!

I’m a total sucker for for industrial pipework




Back to Brazil …
After spending three days in Sao Paulo, Eliza and I headed to Rio by bus. It was a six hour trip and a great way to see the landscape — especially since we got to sit on the second level in the front seats.

At the bus station

Still in Sao Paulo

Still in Sao Paulo. Campground or shantytown…

Leaving Sao Paulo

Clearly outside of Sao Paulo … and into Global Communist Consumerism

Eliza’s feet


Eliza has put on her boots …

Getting close …

We’re here!


Check it out! The book ILLUSTRATION – PLAY is now available at www.victionary.com
Lots of awesome artists!!! and I’m lucky to be included! You all ROCK!!

the blotchiness is my scanner, not the book


Going through my pictures, I realize that most of them are of architecture, design, and environment. Not sure why, but I’m generally not as interested in the fun party pics — not that we didn’t have plenty of those moments during the travels — I can’t believe I don’t have ANY pictures from the Gaby Bex show — but when I pull out the camera, it seems to be for the structural/environmental experiences.

Sao Paulo had a very seventies feel to it — I think some of that might be due to the lack of hyper visual stimuli, but I was also very aware of the attention to design elements that aren’t part of the current consumer culture. One of the moments that left both Eliza and I stunned was noticing that the McDonalds didn’t even have golden arches!!! The only complaint that we heard from residents with regard to the lack of advertising was that it’s been challenging to provide directions for people.