Hey Best Buy we’re coming for YOU next!

From Marc Altshuler – Human Music

Logorama from Marc Altshuler – Human Music on Vimeo.

Where on earth do the folks who are predicting that the economy is not going to slip into a deeper recession/depression get the crack they’re smoking? Where do they think the resources are going to come from if the US continues on the current path?


True unemployment/under employment is closer to 18%, the majority of Americans are deep in debt, education in this country is a joke, over 32% of the country is obese, the population of older Americans is growing fast, health care costs have increased dramatically in the past decade (while incomes have not), and the environment is a very distant afterthought to profits.

The economic booms of the past 20 years have been corporate driven/ government supported Ponzi schemes. The only thing I can guess is that there’s some new Ponzi in the works … Soylent Green anyone?

CAPITALISM IS OVER! If You Want It is a series of interruptions/actions launched in July 2010 by artists from around the world in response to the need for a fundamental shift in our approach to Capitalism and the negative impact it has on the environment, health, and wellbeing of all. The status quo is not sustainable. The title of the project references John and Yoko’s “War is Over if You Want It” campaign of the 70’s and aims to employ art in a similar manner but at a more grassroots level.

Through CAPITALISM IS OVER! If You Want It our goal is to support the movement to adopt and enact alternatives to Capitalism through creative channels. While making art in response to this runaway greed may seem an act of indulgence in itself, we as cultural workers are part of the community interrogating, creating and representing cultural shifts. At the very least we hope to leverage our creative capital to inspire constructive panalogue, network with others committed to the cause, and perhaps provide some fun and runaway thinking during this Summer of Tough Love … and beyond.