Part of the Random Acts of Beauty tour with Carolyn Castaño in 2002: Importing a California sensibility of beauty, nature, peace, love, and playful fun, Carolyn Castaño (from Los Angeles) and I traveled to Tokyo, Denpasar, and Yogyakarta (Indonesia) to create surreptitious works of art in these tourist destinations for our project Random Acts of Beauty. Images of flowers, birds, and nature unexpectedly appeared in the urban and natural landscape, making unabashedly and bold visual statements. However, these ephemeral works spoke of a quiet beauty, mimicking life’s own pace, one that is a series of delicate, fleeting moments. Random Acts of Beauty was also a rejection of corporate values and the surface aesthetics of capitalism. These interruptions in the urban landscape worked in opposition to the barrage of urban popular signage and advertising, offering respite from the onslaught of messages, which distract the inhabitants of the space away from being a member of a community to the role of consumer in a world economy.