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Selected Writings

The Gentrification of Our Livelihoods: Everything Must Go
Published in Reimagine: The National Journal About Race, Poverty, and the Environment (2014) (2014)

, (2009) Essay originally written for the Mission Mural Book
It was determined that the essay was too polemic and not festive enogh for the book's voice.

Home 1996-2008, Art Practical: Nomads and Residents, Fall 2009

San Francisco International Airport, Public Art Review, Spring 2002

CLEARING THE AIR, Code 33, Intersection for the Arts -- afterimage, July/August 2001

Sophie Calle: Public Spaces - Private Places, The Jewish Museum --, Summer 2001
Worlds In Collision at SFAI --, Summer 2001
Tiara Dame Ruth Sirait: Sweet Lolly, Installation and Fashion Performance, Kedai Kebun Gallery, Yogyakarta Indonesia --, October, 2001
The Gentrification of our Livelihoods: Everything Must Go, Feature, June, 2014

Solo Mujeres, Mission Cultural Center -- SF Bay Guardian, March 2001
10 Squared, Catharine Clark Gallery -- SF Bay Guardian, February, 2001
Holli Schorno and Ben Polsky, Gallery 16 -- SF Bay Guardian, February, 2001
010101: Art In Technological Times, -- SF Guardian, January, 2001
Mise-en-Scene: New LA Sculpture, CCAC -- SF Guardian, January, 2001
P O N D -- SF Guardian, January, 2001
The Wayward Museum, The Luggage Store -- SF Guardian, January, 2001
Recess, San Francisco Art Institute -- SF Guardian, December, 2000
Charles Long and Mark Mothersbaugh, Saks Fifth Avenue window display -- SF Guardian, December, 2000
Eureka Fellowship Awards, San Jose Musuem of Art -- SF Guardian, December, 2000
Malu Fatorelli, Meridian Gallery -- SF Guardian, November, 2000
Creativity Explored -- SF Guardian, November, 2000
The World on Its Head, San Francisco Art Institute -- SF Guardian, November, 2000
SF Print Collective, ATA -- SF Guardian, October, 2000
Altoids Curiously Strong Collection, the luggage store -- SF Guardian, September, 2000
Sister Spaces, Southern Exposure -- SF Guardian, September, 2000
Ese Last of His Tribe, Galeria de la Raza -- SF Guardian, August, 2000
On Target, Southern Exposure -- SF Guardian, August, 2000
atlas(t), Gallería de la Raza -- SF Guardian, February, 2001
Bae, The Luggage Store -- SF Guardian, March, 2001
Black Works & Notebooks, works by Rolando Castellon and Andrea Roxan Alegria Gonzalez

Mail Order Brides: The Untold Story -- SF Guardian, September 2000

Darren Waterston, Haines Gallery -- SF Guardian, January 2001

Democracy - The Last Campaign -- SF Camerawork, SF Guardian, November 2000
Leona Christie: Ataraxy, Luisa Kazanas, jennjoygallery -- SF Guardian, October 2000
The Mexican Problem, By Jamex + Einar de la Torre
, Intersection for the Arts -- SF Guardian, September

Julio Morales, a.o.v. -- SF Guardian, December 2000

Ulrike Palmbach, Stephen Wirtz Gallery -- SF Guardian, November 2000